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Black jack davey white stripes tab

black jack davey white stripes tab

Back to intro riff with some adjustments and a heavy fuzz tone E (5)g (5)g (5)g m Am VR s s-5.
Am Pull off, pull of your long blue gloves made of spanish E leather Am give to me your lily white hand and we'll ride off Eto- Dgether said we'll both ride off Eto- Amgether.
Am well she pulled off her long blue gloves made of spanish E leather Am and gave to him her lily white hand and bid farewell Efor- Dever and they both rode off Eto- Amgether back to intro riff 1 time.Save changes and exit, just exit.(Am) PM.How old are you, my honey?" She answered him with a lovin' smile "I'll be sixteen come Sunday" Said, "I'll be sixteen come Sunday" "Come and go with me, my pretty little miss Come and go with me, my honey I'll take you where the.Introducing Personal Tabs, you can save this tab as Personal to edit and correct it or add notes.

How old are you my E honey?
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Am well late last maquinas tragamonedas gratis 3d con bonus night the boss came home inquiring 'bout his E lady Am the servant spoke before she thought, "She's been with Black Jack EDa- Dvey ran off with Black Jack EDa- Amvey.".
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Am come and go with me my pretty little miss come and go with me my E honey Am I'll take you where the grass grows green and you never will want forEmon- Dney you never will want for Emon-Amney Hey!S s (5)g s-7.Would you forsake your baby?Am she answered him wtih a lovin' smile, said, "I'll be sixteen come Esun- Dday." said, "i'll be sixteen come Esun-Amday.".Black Jack Davey come runnin' on back Whistlin' loud and merry Made the woods around him ring And he charmed the heart of a lady Charmed the heart of a lady "How old are you, my pretty little miss?