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After walking back to the groups spaceship, Bender sees the door close and thinks they are about to leave without him, causing him to utter the phrase again in reference to building his own lunar lander.
Meme, status, confirmed, badges: nsfw, year 1999, origin, futurama.
By December 2011, the phrase had become associated with an image of Bender wearing a white fur coat and several gold rings taken from the February 27th, 2000 episode Raging Bender.In October 2007, it was used as the title of a personal blog post, describing how a graphic designer created a specific lighting shader program after someone deemed it impossible.Sketch Sets - Tulum, tulum (El Castillo Pyramid, Temple of the Descending God, Temple of the Frescoes).In January 2010, the subreddit /r/BlackjackAndHookers launched, gaining nearly 400 subscribers as of September 2013.Origin, the phrase was first uttered in the second episode of _Futurama_s first season titled The Series Has Landed, which juego de ruleta casino hamburgo originally aired on April 4th, 1999.While on a trip to an amusement park on the moon, robotic anti-hero Bender is caught reaching through an arcade claw machine prize slot while trying to retrieve a set of lost keys and is ejected from the building.That year, the phrase Blackjack and Hookers was used as the title of an achievement in the Xbox game.To view my entire sketch collection framed, matted and available for full screen viewing, visit my gallery page.StreetFoto San Francisco is gearing up for its second annual festival, an international event dedicated entirely to the art of street photography.Temple of the Descending God - Tulum This inverted pyramid shape looks like a balancing act.A second Facebook fan page for the phrase was established on April 18th, 2010.

That November, the phrase was added to Urban Dictionary, where it was described as a phrasal template used when someone gets kicked out of a physical place or group.
In January 2008, the phrase was used on Reddit for the first time.
Tulum - Yucatan, Mexico This is an abandoned Mayan city which overlooks the Caribbean Sea and lies south jugar tragamonedas gratis sin descargar cleopatra 2 of the island of Cozumel.
El Castillo Pyramid - Tulum The largest structure still standing in this ancient Mayan coastal town of Tulum.Notable Examples, as of September 2013, there are two Meme Generator pages utilizing the image of Bender in the fur coat with captions relating to blackjack and hookers, with more than 10,000 submissions combined.In image macros and comments, variations of the phrasal template, well create our own (X) with blackjack and hookers have been used to express dissatisfaction with the status quo, suggesting that the commenter could do it better.As he lands on the moons surface, he exclaims I am going to build my own theme park with blackjack and hookers!Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days.