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Rules of blackjack card game xy

rules of blackjack card game xy

The card rank and suit information can thereby be determined from the first series of images at steps 12, without the need to refer to the second series of images.
Additionally or in the alternative, the use of a colored light source 26 to contrast the color used for the micro-dots 120 may be used as described above to assist in locating the micro-dots.
Normally, such information is invisible to the naked eye so as not to interfere with the standard aesthetics or functionality of the card, and so as not to be easily discerned by players.The rotational motor rotates in a counter-clockwise direction moving the card gate 22 down into the open position allowing cards 100 to be pulled out of the shoe.It is recognized that other structures may be used to lock the friction pad 1330 into position.At step 1204, the first card sensor detects the presence of the card, and triggers the image sensor to take a first series of images at step 1206.Thus, no actual cut card exists, and the term virtual cut card is merely representative of a specific point in the deck.The intelligent table game system 1 includes a shoe 10 having a card cradle 12 and a card dispensing portion.The card removal indicator can be controlled by the control and an operated in accordance with the rule of a card game, or in response to an action by the dealer.

As mentioned above, the present invention may utilize an encryption methodology to encode the rank and suit of a playing card 100 on the face of the playing card 100 via micro-dots 120, thereby allowing an intelligent card dealing shoe 10 to read and decode.
In one embodiment, the light source 26 is constantly illuminated when the shoe is powered.
5 to be 193 pixels, 52 pixels, and 116 pixels, respectively.
Card games in a casino are profitable, but are also prone to cheating and fraud by players, dealers and the pit crew.
However, where the information does agree at step 1052, the game controller unit determines that the card value has been accurately decoded at step 1054.When Irish Eyes Are Smiling,.Figures - Toys, Hobbies Games Category includes a wide selection of products at affordable prices delivered to you from.6 is a perspective view jugar tragamonedas online 100 pandas of the shoe of FIG.If the game's outcome can be decided at step 1116, the game controller unit causes the card gate to close such that no more cards may be dealt at step 1118.The devices form an intelligent table game system which offers a strong security to the game while enhancing the card dealer's experience at the table without affecting the entertainment to the players.The images are transmitted to the game controller unit at step 1222.The game controller unit 50 controls the functionality of the card gate 22 based on the game progress and the identification of the card values that are drawn from the shoe.