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Super fun blackjack 21

super fun blackjack 21

Not to be confused with a similar blackjack variation called Fun.
First of blackjack strategy practice all, most of the best rules in standard blackjack games are in play here, including: Players can resplit to up to four hands.
A player blackjack is an instant winner.A winning hand with a total of 21 is called a blackjack, or natural.Even if the dealer has a blackjack.1-6 decks are used.

Blackjacks will pay even money.
The player can split up to 3 times, making 4 playable hands.
The player's hand must beat the dealer's by coming closer to 21 without "busting" (exceeding 21).
This more than makes up for the edge the casino is giving with the liberal rules variations above.
Super Fun 21 also gives the player a huge number of ways to win beyond the typical beat the dealer rules in regular blackjack.The player may double down on any number of cards, and the player can choose to surrender half of their bet after doubling down.The dealer can also bust (exceed 21 points in which case it doesnt matter what the value of your hand is, so long as you dont bust first.Super Fun 21 is protected.S.Many such charts are available; our favorites come from The Wizard of Odds, though many other sites and books have published great charts as well.In addition, there are a few new rules that also work in the players favor when doubling down.